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Crochet Your Victory Barnyard Cover
    During World War II patriotic fervor was extended to children by:
    Spool Cotton Company's Book No. 204, Crochet Your Victory Barnyard (1943).
    This delightful booklet contains crochet patterns for an assortment of barnyard pals,
    each accompanied by his or her own illustration and patriotic poem.

    Below are 3 examples from the booklet. The booklet contains the following
    additional illustrations, not shown here: the lady farmer, the hired man,
    the cow, the duck, the goat, the black lamb, the pig, the hen and her chicks.

    Crochet Your Victory Barnyard Lamb                   Crochet Your Victory Barnyard Rooster                   Crochet Your Victory Barnyard Horse

                                                          Gardenia's overcoat is white--                             The rooster Henry, you can see                           Our Peter used to heave a sigh
                                                              Her eyes are clear, her heart is light                     Has gone all out for victory                                 When he saw "V 8's" flashing by
                                                          Because she works with untold zest                     He wakes his barnyard pals each morn               He felt completely out of style
                                                              To manufacture just the best                                 At forty seconds before dawn                             And sometimes couldn't even smile
                                                          Fine yarn with little curls and loops                       Alarm clocks may be hard to get                         But now what car would dare compete
                                                              To make warm mittens for the troops.                   But Henry hasn't run down yet!                           With unrestricted-mileage-Pete!