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Karen Ballard in WWII Knitting Hat   I hope my readers have enjoyed National Crochet Month (NatCroMo) and have taken advantage of the classes, displays, free tutorials, free patterns, crochet-in-public events, and designers'
  biographies/advice that were available throughout the month of March. Many crochet activities have been sponsored by the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) and by local CGOA chapters,
  including my Prince William County Chapter. Many NatCroMo benefits have been provided through Crochetville's Designer Blog Tour. I am grateful to Amy Shelton and Donna Hulka for
  organizing this Tour and for inviting me to participate in it. This year the Tour is sponsoring the Halos of Hope charity. Their motto is "Cancer is a journey of courage, Let us embrace you
  along the way". Hat contributions and monitary donations are gratefully accepted!

  According to Gwen Blakley Kinsler, "Crochet Queen" and founder of the CGOA, National Crochet Week was initiated in 1998 by Pam Oddi (a past president of CGOA) to promote
  crochet and the Guild. Due to its popularity, the recognition was quickly extended to a month, evolving into National Crochet Month.

    My site is a bit of a departure from those of the rest of the Tour. It is the "splash page" of my website, rather than a blog. Additionally, my professional standing in CGOA NC Necklace has been primarily based on writing historical needlework magazine articles and teaching crochet, much more so than designing. Since retiring from a computer professional career in 2006, with CGOA mentoring support from Randy Cavalier and editing support from Brenda Bourg and Kim Guzman, I have written a regular column for the CGOA's Chain Link Newsletter for almost four years, six magazine articles (for the Paper Advertising Collectors' Marketplace periodical, PieceWork magazine, and Crochet Traditions), and four online articles (one about bone/ivory figural crochet hooks for, another about collecting crochet hooks for the Cyber Stitch online magazine, and two about WWI and WWII crochet as guest-blogs for Gwen Blakeley Kinsler's Royal Ramblings Blog). Additionally, I have done historic consultation for Melanie Gall for her Knitting All the Day CD of WWI knitting songs and her Sweeter in a Sweater CD of WWII knitting songs.

  Outside of these venues, as a fledgling designer, I have created some designs. These include my "NC Necklace" (on the right) Heritage Heart inspired by Prudence Mapstone's freeform
  crochet jewelry class (taken in 2011 at the Greensboro, NC CGOA Conference). This necklace was the winner of a first prize in CGOA's 2012 Design Contest.
  My "Heritage Heart" (on the left), with flowers that are symbolic of my ancestry, toured Australia and New Zealand with Prudence's "Hearts & Flowers Freeform Art Show".
  A small number of my designs will be published by Michele Maks' My future plans: more crochet and beading designs, more articles, and
  perhaps a book or two. Flower Bangle

                                      Crochetville requested a donation of a "Spring Garden Theme" crochet design from each Crochet Blog Tour participant.                                         My design is the "Flowers Bangle" shown on the right. Click on the picture for the free pattern.

Old Book Give-away Old Book Give-away
  Winners have been chosen for the NatCroMo give-away: Congratulations to Bev G., Liz W., Renee R., Willena J., and Regina Y. for winning your choice of books!!!

This website is dedicated to my love of textile history; its tools and lore; as well as making textile items (especially crochet); beadwork items; rock-hounding; and to my dreams of making the ideal studio/museum/library to house collections, house supplies, and support creation. I frequently use this website to provide supplimentary information/pictures for articles I have written. Click on the banner, above, to enter the website.